Adult Therapies

Driver Rehab

The Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation program offered by Meridian Rehabilitation Consultants Inc. is a comprehensive program designed to provide Functional Driver Evaluation (FDE) and Rehabilitation services to individuals who have experienced medical changes which may affect their driving ability.

Injury Recovery

Our Kinesiologists and Occupational Therapists help clients regain physical abilities, balance, range of motion, and strength after an injury. They also help clients to manage acute and chronic pain.

Mental Health Services

At Meridian we provide mental health services (exposure therapy, symptom management education, etc.) to a wide variety of clients including those with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. More generally, however, we believe that promoting strong mental health is vital to any recovery process. 

Return to Work Services

Meridian offers the following services to help clients return to work: work conditioning, work hardening, job demands analysis, return-to-work coordination, and job-specific education.

Stroke, Brain Injury, and Post-Concussion Therapy

After a stroke, brain injury, or concussion you may face a range of difficulties that make it difficult for you to do the things you would like to be able to do. These difficulties may include physical problems, trauma, pain, difficulties with your memory or attention, problems with your vision or sensation, and emotional difficulties such as depression.

Our team of Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Kinesiologists, and Rehab Assistants will work with you to reach your functional goals through a customized approach. 

Wheelchair Seating and Equipment

Meridian Rehab offers wheelchair seating and positioning assessment and prescription for both basic and complex mobility needs.

Services include assessment of your unique seating needs and functional lifestyle to prescribe a wide variety of power and manual wheelchairs, cushions, backrests and positioning components. We work with both commercial and custom seating systems. Training for you, your family and caregivers on wheelchair use and safe transfer techniques is also provided.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation services help individuals explore and transition to alternate employment which is suitable to their skills, abilities, education, and interests.  Life events can alter our occupational paths and our primary goal is to enable people to return to suitable, accessible, and sustainable employment.   Our team can support and coach people through rehabilitation focused services including:
Transferable skills analysis
Vocational Assessment and Planning
Supported job search
Work preparation (resume, cover letter, interview skills development)
Career exploration/transition
Study support services
Volunteer placement

Chronic Pain

Our OTs and Kinesiologists teach clients methods to lessen the intensity of chronic pain and strategies to better function despite their chronic pain.


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Meridian also offers pediatric services such as speech-language pathology, and adult therapies such as kinesiology. Check out our Services home page to find out more.