Assessment Services

Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation Services

The Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation program offered by Meridian Rehabilitation Consultants Inc. is a comprehensive program designed to provide Functional Driver Evaluation (FDE) and Rehabilitation services to individuals who have experienced medical changes which may affect their driving ability. Medical changes that could impact driving are diverse; examples include neurological changes, visual changes, medication use, and psychosocial concerns. We also provide vehicle assessment services for individuals who require consultation.


Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) are one or two day comprehensive assessments designed to answer questions regarding a client’s physical and/or cognitive abilities. This may be related to work and/or activities of daily living.

In addition to assessing physical and cognitive abilities, the FCE may also look at emotional and environmental factors that may be impacting function.

Meridian Rehabilitation offers medical-legal and non-legal FCE options and our therapists are experienced in both physical and cognitive evaluations.

Medical-Legal Assessments

Meridian Rehabilitation offers a variety of Medical Legal assessment services in Vancouver, Vernon, Kelowna, Kamloops, Penticton, and surrounding areas. Our therapists are experienced in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and several have been accepted to provide expert witness testimony in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Meridian also offers cost of future care assessments, rebuttal reports, report critiques, and case reviews.

Vocational Assessments

As circumstances of our lives change, new occupational opportunities may need to be explored. A Vocational Consultant can provide information about an individual’s skills, abilities and interests, and identify possible career paths the individual could pursue.  Support and education will assist the individual in this transition.

Meridian offers the following vocational assessments: vocational skills analysis and profile, transfer of skills assessment, career exploration, labour market analysis, resume development, job search skill, education, and supported job search.

Transit Assessments

Meridian Rehabilitation is proud to be the service provider completing BC Transit handyDART assessments in Kelowna, Penticton and Kamloops. Our Occupational Therapists have been performing transit assessments on behalf of Vernon Regional Transit since 2014. We look forward to bringing the same care and attention to those we assess in these cities.

Pediatric Assessments

At Meridian Rehab, our therapists will provide an individualized assessment that best determines your child’s areas of strengths and areas that require growth and development. We will help to identify areas to develop that will make a difference in your child’s ability to participate and succeed in day to day living. 


Did you know that by ensuring your workstation is set up properly, you can prevent injuries, improve comfort, and enhance your level of productivity? Ergonomics is the science of fitting the work environment to the people who do the work. At Meridian Rehab, we specialize in performing ergonomic assessments and making recommendations that are practical for your workplace. Whether assessing a desk set-up in an office or a workstation in an industrial setting, Meridian Rehabilitation can identify ergonomic risk factors and suggest how to improve workplace health and safety, as well as productivity.


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Meridian also offers pediatric services such as speech-language pathology, and adult therapies such as kinesiology. Check out our Services home page to find out more.