About Our Program

Why we use treatment blocks

OT and SLP services are done in treatment blocks.  Typically, these are once per week for 1 hour and run for 10 weeks total (unless otherwise indicated)We’ve designed the therapy-block system to balance out the need to reduce the wait time for services, but also be able to provide each family with sufficient 1:1 time with a therapist so that they can make progress with their child. Some families will not require the full 10 sessions and some will benefit from more than one therapy block over time. 

How to get the most out of your treatment block

Improvement occurs in accordance with two principles of change:  

  1. The more you practice something the better you will be 
  2. Receiving consistent instruction from multiple sources results in faster learning.

Because of these principles, we build therapy teams that consist of experts and of those closest to the child.  Our teams consist of: 

  • the child 
  • the child’s Champion of Change (the therapist), 
  • and the child’s Agent(s) of Change (often caregivers).  

The structure of our teams ensures that change occurs beyond the therapy room. As a member of your child’s therapy team, you will receive coaching and instruction from the therapist on how to work with your child between therapy sessions on the identified goals, and you will be provided with a detailed home plan after each session. Consistent, regular practice of the principles and skills learned in each session will yield greater and long-term improvement/change for your family.  

Where Sessions Take Place

Sessions can take place in a variety of locations, depending on the needs of your family. Currently, our therapists are able to conduct services in your home, at the Meridian Rehab clinic in Lower Mission, or via telehealth if in-person sessions are not appropriate for you and your family. The Family Connection Center will have its main location at the Capri Mall; this location is currently under renovation but once open, we will be able to conduct sessions in this space as well.  
For the “is my child eligible” – Once we are fully open, everyone is eligible and can self-refer, but currently we are not open to the general public so I don’t want to address this question now. We can include that further down the line when the FCC is fully open and open to the general public. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Call us at 250-542-3089. Refer to the “Contact us” page for more options.

Contact the Meridian office to which you would like to make a referral. Contact info for each office can be found under “Contact Us” on the main menu bar at the top of this page.

Meridian also offers assessment services such as functional driver evaluations, and adult therapies such as kinesiology. Check out our Services home page to find out more.