Pediatric Therapies

Our Philosophy

Improvement occurs in accordance with two principles of change:  

  1. The more you practice something the better you will be 
  2. Receiving consistent instruction from multiple sources results in faster learning.

Because of these principles, we build therapy teams that consist of experts and of those closest to the child. The structure of our teams ensures that change occurs beyond the therapy room. Our teams consist of the child, the child’s Champion of Change (the therapist), and the child’s Agent(s) of Change (often caregivers).  

 Champions of Change make a therapy plan, educate and coach the Agents of Change on how to implement the plan, and help the Agents of Change overcome any barriers that arise.  

 Agents of Change are the people who are best able to make change happen: they implement the therapy plan, observe and report progress, and communicate difficulties or barriers. 

Occupational Therapy Treatment Areas

  • Sensory regulation
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Balance and coordination
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills
  • Self-care skills (dressing, toileting, etc.)
  • Feeding
  • School readiness (cutting, printing, gluing, etc.)
  • Play skills
  • Planning and organization (following routines, completing daily tasks, etc.)

Speech-Language Pathology Treatment Areas

  • Language development (vocabulary, grammar, understanding)
  • Speech sound development
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • Voice and resonance
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Play skills
  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills
  • Writing and spelling
  • Social skills
  • Emotional regulation
  • Feeding and swallowing


Our primary pediatric funders are Autism Funding Unit (AFU), At Home Program, and Jordan’s Principle.

We also have clients who receive funding from the following schools: ASCEND Online Catholic School, Heritage Christian Online School, Kleos Open Learning, Anchor Academy, EBUS Academy, Oak and Orca Bioregional School, SelfDesign Learning, South Central Interior Distance Education School, and Traditional Learning Academy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Call us at 250-542-3089. Refer to the “Contact us” page for more options.

Contact the Meridian office to which you would like to make a referral. Contact info for each office can be found under “Contact Us” on the main menu bar at the top of this page.

Meridian also offers assessment services such as functional driver evaluations, and adult therapies such as kinesiology. Check out our Services home page to find out more.