Galway Staff

Occupational Therapists

Lorcan Russel

Lorcan’s favourite thing about his job is the people. He enjoys the wide variety of colleagues and clients that he gets to interact with every day and the opportunity he has to make a difference in people’s lives. He likes the challenge of working in multiple practice domains and figuring out how to best support each client.

Lorcan grew up in the Irish countryside, around 15 minutes outside Limerick City. It is a city of about 100,000 and it’s known for rugby, having the longest river in Ireland flowing through it, and for Richard Harris (Dumbledore). It also has some pretty lovely pubs and a working class charm.

Lorcan used to be a member of the National Irish Harp Orchestra and toured across Germany and Austria twice.

Lorcan lives in Kitsilano with his girlfriend, Sadhbh Moyles, and his dog, Oscar.

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