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Vocational Assessments

As circumstances of our lives change, new occupational opportunities may need to be explored. A Vocational Specialist can provide information about an individual’s skills, abilities and interests, and identify possible career paths the individual could pursue.  Support and education will assist the individual in this transition.

Meridian offers the following vocational assessments: vocational skills analysis and profile, transfer of skills assessment, career exploration, labour market analysis, resume development, job search skill, education, and supported job search.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation services help individuals explore and transition to alternate employment which is suitable to their skills, abilities, education, and interests.  Life events can alter our occupational paths and our primary goal is to enable people to return to suitable, accessible, and sustainable employment.   Our team can support and coach people through rehabilitation focused services including:
Transferable skills analysis
Vocational Assessment and Planning
Supported job search
Work preparation (resume, cover letter, interview skills development)
Career exploration/transition
Study support services
Volunteer placement

Our Evaluator

Tami Damini

Tami is Meridian’s Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist. Services she provides include: Vocational Assessments, Transfer Skills Analysis, Return to Work Preparation, Job Search and Studies Support Services. Tami also provides medical legal assessments and document reviews/critiques. Tami helps match clients of various abilities and backgrounds with employment best suited to their skills.  Throughout Tami’s 15 years at Meridian Rehabilitation, she also completes Ergonomic Assessments, Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation and other rehabilitation programs as a rehabilitation assistant. In her spare time she loves camping, fishing and travelling.

Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE)   

Member of the Canadian Association of Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Society (Board of Directors)

Canadian Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (CVRP)         

Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP)

Member of Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada

Bachelor of Social Work – Okanagan University College

STRONG Interest Inventory Certification

Mindfulness Approaches for Managing Chronic Pain

BCRPA Personal Training Certification

How To Apply

For inquiries regarding quotes and services please contact us


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