Driver Services

We provide the following services as part of our driver rehabilitation program:

Functional Driver Evaluations

An FDE is a comprehensive assessment, appropriate for individuals who have a medical condition that may impact their ability to drive. The FDE will determine if the person is able to adequately compensate for their condition and demonstrate functional driving skills.

  • An FDE is required prior to participating in any in-car work including Driver Rehabilitation.
  • The FDE consists of two components: 1) a clinic-based screening of cognitive, visuo-perceptual, and physical functioning and 2) an on-road assessment in our dual controlled vehicle.
  • This is a full day assessment, which typically takes 5-7 hours. This assessment is conducted by one of our driving therapists (an Occupational Therapist who is also certified as a driving instructor.
  • Meridian Rehabilitation is an accepted provider of FDE and Rehabilitation for RoadSafetyBC, who is responsible for making decisions on Medical Fitness to Drive in BC. We send copies of our reports to RoadSafetyBC when licensing changes are required based on FDE results, or when concern regarding an individual’s capacity to drive arises.

Driver Rehabilitation

  • In cases where an individual does not demonstrate functional driving performance during the FDE, but does demonstrate potential for functional driving, driver rehabilitation will be recommended.
  • Driver Rehabilitation is customized to address concerns identified in the FDE. Driver Rehabilitation sessions occur with one of our driving therapists (an Occupational Therapist who is also certified as a driving instructor) in our dual controlled vehicle.
  • Driver Rehabilitation is often required for individuals learning adaptive equipment such as hand controls, left foot accelerator, or spinner knob.
  • Since driver rehabilitation is customized based on the client’s needs, a quote can not be provided until after an FDE has been completed.

Vehicle Modification Assessments

  • Our services may be requested solely to provide recommendations for vehicle modifications that will meet individual clients’ accessibility needs. In such cases,  we do not comment on nor assess a driver’s medical fitness to drive.